ANOS 40 Vindima nas Carrizes "Pisa de uvas na dorna" 1974 Celebrating new wine among friends in Real. JOSÉ PAIS Pisar as uvas

A True Homage to Portuguese Roots.

Dom Beijos is truly a homage to Melissa’s Portuguese roots. Though there isn’t an exact translation to English, Beijos means kiss and it embodies a feeling of passion for all things. Having a good glass of wine is like being kissed, one of life’s true pleasures

From England and Portugal to Atlanta, GA comes the opening of one of the community's most coveted shops. A shop that combines the love and passion of wine and the comfort of friends and neighbors mingling. A bottle of our best wine is like going on a beautiful journey, a journey best when shared. Join us.


The land in Portugal is extremely fertile with apples, dried figs and olives readily available. Most families have a small cellar with barrels and concrete vats on the property. Stomping grapes by foot was a common practice and almost everyone made their own wine.

Though there are very few bottles we don’t enjoy, Portuguese wines are what really speak to us. The Portuguese wine industry has come a long way in the last 20 years.  Winemakers are emerging that are taking the craft to a new level and producing some of the finest wines in the world.

Portugal has more than 250 grape varieties, represented by 13 different wine regions. Join us the first weekend of every month for an all Portuguese wine tasting. Taste for yourself what this great country has to offer.

Celebrate Female Winemakers

Quinta De Chocapalha


This still wine from Portugal is bright lemon yellow in color with a freshly aromatic nose of citrus and tropical fruits.

J Dusi Model M


This still red wine from California, is a blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah. Pairs well with beef, veal, lamb or poultry.

Hirsh PN


A focused, approachable Pinot Noir from California with gentle flavors of raspberry, tea, bramble, and spice. Medium in body, it finishes with a tart crispness that provides great balance.



This Napa California beauty leaps from the glass with strong flavors of toasted spices and black fruit.

poire cidre


This sparkling pear cider from France has notes of grapefruit, green apple, and clove. Ever so slightly sweet and and enough tannis to supply a supple texture.

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