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Do you have any Natural Wines?

This is a question that we are often asked by customers. And the answer isn’t always so easy. What does Natural mean to You? I think the movement of natural wines comes from a place where we all want products that don’t have any added ingredients to “make” them taste better. We are looking for organic/sustainable/minimal intervention products that are good for our environment and good for us!

One of the problems is that there is no formal definition of what a natural wine is.

Here are all the factors that are considered in natural wine production:

  1. Unfiltered/Unfined- In some cases you will be able to see sediment in the bottle. It could be cloudy, but not necessarily.
  2. Organic and or Biodynamic Farming. No pesticides and no chemicals!
  3. Hand Harvested. Grapes can be selected by hand and thereby can be of a higher quality.
  4. Native Yeast. Nothing added to begin the fermentation process.
  5. Minimal or no added Sulfur. Sulfites are naturally occurring in wine and necessary for preservation, but only the bare minimum or none is added during the winemaking process.

If a winemaker is observing all these practices in his farming and winemaking, we indicate this by placing a small green leaf sticker on the bottle.

Some of the natural winemakers represented in our Shop:

  • Dirty and Rowdy- California
  • Broc Cellars- California
  • Maitre de Chai-California
  • Folias de Baca- Portugal
  • Valle de Capucha- Portugal

In some cases, a winemaker is working toward being natural but may still have to add yeast or does filter/fine their wine. If a winemaker is at a minimum practicing sustainable/organic/biodynmic farming, we acknowledge this by adding a blue leaf sticker to the bottle.

Natural winemaking is a growing trend in the marketplace, and we love to support all our natural winemakers around the world.

Look for more information to come on these beautiful wines.

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  • 27 Mar 2021
    João Tavares de Pina

    Tiago Sampaio from Folias de Baco and Pedro Marques from Vale da Capucha are some of the best natural wine producers from Portugal.