Getting to know Melissa

Q.) Tell me a little about yourself…Things you like to do.  If you are not from Atlanta, where are you from and how did you end up here?


I love to work with my hands. I love crafting and creating. I enjoy traveling, eating great food and having new experiences. I’m from south Georgia, Sylvester specifically. My father was born in Porto, but his parents retired in the DAO region in Portugal. Growing up, I had the opportunity to spend my birthdays there during the summer. What I remember the most about those months in Portugal would probably be the simplicity of it. Taking your shoes off and running around in nature, being a kid without a care in the world. To have that experience in a place like that was very special.



Q.) What are some of your favorite things about Atlanta?


The diversity of the people and opportunities that present themselves here. You can go to the theater, the park, shopping, and have a large diversity of restaurants to choose from. Kirkwood specifically has such a great vibe and people are very accepting of each other. I really appreciate that coming from a small town. My favorite day and night is having friends over, cooking great food, sharing a new wine we have discovered and communing by the fire. And dogs, having dogs around is a must.


Q.) What is the vision and mission or goals of the business?

We want a safe space for people to come and enjoy tastings. There is nothing that makes us happier than to have people sitting in every available spot of the shop enjoying wine. We want our space to feel like home. You won’t find a lot of obvious pricing in the shop. This was by design. We feel the aesthetic and the feeling of the shop is most important. We are not here to simply sell wine. We are here to offer an experience that includes wine and friends and laughter and joy.


Q.) Where does your love of wine stem from? Which type of wine started it all?

Going back to Portugal, it was part of everyday life. Almost every family made their own wine. When you visit someone’s home in Portugal it is customary for the host to bring out a plate of food and wine. This casual eating and drinking together was very special. It was pure love and appreciation for each other and appreciation of the hard work that was invested in farming and making the wine, the cheese, the marmalade and so many other pure and wonderful things.


Q.) If you had to say red or white which would it be?

My appreciation for white wine is growing, but red wine is usually first choice.


Q.) If your favorite wine was a song what song would it be?

It would be Fado music. It is both beautiful and passionate.


Q.) What would be your favorite dish to have with a glass of wine and what kind?

One of my favorite dishes to order is Portugal is Bitoque. This is a lean piece of steak or pork with an egg, french fries, rice and a salad. This would be accompanied by a carafe of house wine and very simple glasses. Nothing makes me feel more like a King than this.


Q.) Which wine do you guys often carry that you couldn’t live without?

For us, having great wines, at a great price is very important. We want wine to be accessible. We carry several great labels from the Douro that are <$15. We highly recommend everyone try one!


Q.) What wine did you order that exceeded your expectations?

We carefully curate the wines that we carry in the shop. With very few exceptions all the wines in the shop exceed our expectations, or they would not be there.


Q.) Have you ever made your own wine and is that a goal that you might have in the future?

There are so many exceptional winemakers in the world, I would rather spend the rest of my days appreciating the beautiful wines that they have, and will be creating.

Thanks for reading and be sure to join Melissa, Justin, and the rest of the community for a journey through Portuguese and other imported wines!